DUNCAN MCROBERTS ASSOCIATES is a boutique design firm specializing in new classical and traditional architecture. We breathe into modernity, the heritage, craftsmanship and lessons of the most remarkable works of American and European architecture—and beautifully re-imagine new projects for each individual client. These services fulfill a diverse spectrum, from luxury non-disclosure patrons, to clientele of exemplary standards with mid-range and moderate budgetary programs. Projects vary in category from new urbanism, master planning and meaningful public buildings—to villages, estates, houses, country houses & interiors.

Our work has an enduring and well-built quality. It is derived from a process of building as craft—and is conceived by aesthetic intelligence—so that beauty, spatial poetics & detail remain integral to the material and functional basis of structure.

The substantive expertise regarding our design ability lies within the principle values of “taste” and "imagination" which are inclusive of innovation and technological advancements, and yet, remain necessarily timeless and beautiful.

Nature and Her processes provide an origin and destination in this praxis, both in terms of sustainable science & architecturally figurative imitation. The beautiful and the useful are at once mutually achieved in traditional design forms, and thus serve with environmental fortitude.

Architecture is the ethos of "making". It is a serious discipline celebrated as the grand training of critical reasoning, artistic sensibility & complex measure in creating cultural prosperity and value in the built environment. Its artistic import lies in its ability to mediate between ourselves, and the schema of our life's experiences. Our work promises this harmony of place. We create uplifting change—the kind that touches the heart & is worth building.

720 Market Street - Suite G - Kirkland, WA - 98033 - TEL. 425-889-6440