DUNCAN MCROBERTS ASSOCIATES is part of a new organization of professionals and academicians worldwide with special interest in a more meaningful, useful, and enduring architecture and urbanism.

The critique of our building industry during the last half century has been outspoken against a serious and progressive loss of physical quality in our buildings, public spaces and cities. This critique has represented an attempt on the part of the public to regain qualitative architectural experiences which enhance, rather than demean, our socio-cultural, economic and private life.

How we build requires new and lasting promise. Thus, a new ontology of construction must no longer be ignored at the expense of profiting from a "production of waste."

Each of these organizations embodies new intelligence in going forward. Our alliances with some involve decades of shared professional experiences, often dating to their first origin. It is our pleasure to have been supportive of their outstanding contributions worldwide.

Monument to Lysicrates

Theophilos Hansen

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